Laser Therapy

Unique Laser Therapy for a Faster Recovery

Once a pup, always a pup. This can be true from an owner's point of view but as your pet ages, their body stops helping recover from trauma, surgery, or simple ache-relief issues as efficiently as it used to. Laser therapy involves specific wavelengths of light (red or near-infrared) to stimulate your pet's body's natural ability to heal and respond. When the light interacts with the damaged cells, healing is accelerated and pain is dramatically reduced.

Quick and Effective Therapy for Your Pets

Dr. Dawn's Pet Stop is your one-stop shop for getting your pets the advanced treatment of laser therapy. Not only does the therapy help your pets heal quickly, but it also helps reduce pain, increase blood circulation, and decrease any type of swelling that might persist.

The laser therapy is a drug-free, pain-free, and surgery-free relief that your pets need in their later years. We are delighted to let you know that we are the only regional veterinary clinic that offers laser therapy. Visit us today!
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