Meet the Staff at Dr. Dawn's Pet Stop

The dedicated professionals at Dr. Dawn’s Pet Stop have been providing compassionate health care and veterinary services for dogs, cats, and pocket animals since 1998. Our entire team is dedicated to the health, happiness, and well-being of your pets.

We recognize that your pets are part of the family, and it’s a real privilege to highlight our vet care team for you.
Dr. Dawn

Dr. Dawn (Veterinarian)

After receiving her undergraduate degree at NDSU, she went to vet school at ISU in Ames, IA. Since 1998, she has been working as a veterinarian in Jamestown, ND. She lives on a dairy farm and has a cat named Drano, and has a cat named Rea. She enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with her family.
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Michelle Norman (Office Manager)

She came to work for Dr. Dawn’s in January 2015. She lives in Jamestown with her 2 dogs, Charlie – Poodle mix and Mandy – Pomeranian. She also has 3 cats, Gizmo, Chloe, and Highway. Some of her hobbies include embroidery and baking.

Joseph (Germ Inspector)

Joseph works through community options, Inc. Unless you come in the late afternoon, you probably won’t see Joseph – he is our germ inspector, a cleaning machine. Joseph keeps our kennels clean, keeps the laundry going, sweeps and mops the floors, and takes out the garbage. He always knows how to put a bigger SMILE on our faces at the end of the day. He enjoys playing basketball, swimming, and watching some of his favorite TV shows (NCIS, CSI, WWE).
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Brooke Fetch (Veterinary Assistance)

Brooke graduated from the Jamestown High School and moved to San Diego, CA where she received her veterinary assistance certification. She moved back to Jamestown in July 2014 and started working for Dr. Dawn in August 2014. She's married and has 2 dogs, a beagle named BJ, and a dog named Koda, a spaniel mix. She also has  2 cats - Ike and Mateo. She enjoys reading, scrapbooking, and spending time with her family.
Smokey and Bandit

Latasha Klatt (Veterinary Technician)

Latasha started working for Dr. Dawn's in 2017. She graduated with a vet tech degree in 2017 and moved back to Cleveland where she lives on farm with her boyfriend, 3 dogs and an Indian Ring-neck bird named Blue. She has a Labrador named Windsor, a boxer-pit mix named silo and a Pitbull named Doc. Occasionally she will have a foster dog at her farm from the James River Humane Society. Latasha enjoys travelling, painting and fishing. 

Smokey and Bandit

Introducing "Smokey" and "Bandit"

"Smokey” and “Bandit” are brother kittens who decided that Dr. Dawn’s Pet Stop is a fantastic place to live, so they are unofficially in charge of our veterinary clinic. Don’t worry; our “cat scans” are free!

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